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University Directors

The University Research and Development Office assist the UVPRD in the implementation of the Research Mandate Functions of the university, reviews the quality of scientific papers or manuscripts for external presentation, facilitate the review of all submitted research proposals and technical papers especially when external evaluators are needed, assists in the preparation of budget requests and releases for all research projects that will be funded by the University, conducts periodic monitoring of research projects and R and D centers to ensure proper implementation and timely completion of all funded research projects and targets, facilitates the conduct of regular Research Congress or similar activities of the University,rRecommends the giving of awards and recognition to outstanding research units and researchers of the University, maintains a database of projects conducted in the University to avoid duplication and over commitment to a particular research topic, maintains the circulation of research outputs to various SUCs, agencies and libraries, assists in the conduct of research capability enhancement activities of the university, conducts consultation with researchers on research endeavors in and outside the university, and perform other related functions as maybe required by the UVPRD, President and/or Board of Regents.

The University Grants Administration Office (UGAO) serves as the central office that facilitates and administers research grants, receives funds from sponsor organizations/institutions, requests release of funds to investigators, conducts internal audits, and ensures the proper conduct and subsequent termination of funded projects. It monitors and oversees the implementation of externally funded research programs and grants. It facilitates grant application and protocol development, monitors fund administration and management and research implementation, and seeks RD funding opportunities.

As CTU continues to advance its research and development endeavors, the researchers and scientists intellectual property (IP) rights need to be protected. To encourage innovation and intellectual property right protection, CTU established Cebu Technological University - Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Support and Transfer Office (CTU - KITSTO) franchised from Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). KITSTO is an innovation and technology support office serving our university and local community, enabling and supporting increased innovation in our institution and community, protecting our innovation worldwide through patents, and promoting utilization and commercialization of patented innovation worldwide for the benefit of our host institution, local community and the Philippines. The KITSTO franchise is committed to providing affordable quality patent information and IP services to universities, research institutions, businesses and inventors throughout all regions of the Philippines, to support research and development, which will have a positive social, economic, technological and environmental impact on the Philippines. As required by IPOPHL, KITSTO shall be headed by a University Director for Innovation and Technology Support and will have one administrative staff and at least two Innovation and Technology Support Officers: One for biological and related sciences, and one for engineering and related sciences.

The Office shall carry out research activities specific to its mandate. As an RDCI, it is tasked to produce projects, reports, publications and other scientific outputs. It shall maintain close coordination with the academic units that cater to its mandated scientific field to support instructions.

The Office shall carry out research activities specific to its mandate. It is tasked to produce projects, reports, publications and other scientific outputs. It shall maintain close coordination with the academic units that caters to its mandated scientific field to support instructions.

The Office of Scientific Publications is the publishing arm of the Office of Research and Development. It oversees the publication of the University-managed Journal of Agriculture and Technology Management (JATM), and the establishment of other relevant University Journals according to international standards. Also, it initiates the implementation of publication writing workshops to propel and empower all faculty to publish their scholarly works not only in the University-managed publication, but also in other reputable and high-impact journals here in and outside of the Philippines. Moreover, it holds a listing of all publications by the faculty in ISI-, SCOPUS-, ACI- indexed and other high-impact journals.

USPO shall determine the reputability of a journal for scientific publication of the faculty and students. It is also responsible for the management of the University Journals and oversees coordination of the publisher, editorial teams, and peer review functions to ensure optimal research dissemination through journal publications. It shall coordinate with other offices under OVPRD in the awarding of CTU Publication and Innovation Awards and other grants with publication requirements.

The Office of the University Shared Facilities (USF) is a component of the University Vice President in Research and Development tasked with the management and development of the viable demonstration projects for the University.

The Social Technopreneurship Hub is a Technology Business Incubator of Cebu Technological University. Our primary goal is to provide research, capacity building and advisory programs and services to Faculty, Students, Start-ups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), government, private and other stakeholders, thereby, creating an innovation ecosystem which flourishes Social Technopreneurial activities for nation- building and a sustainable world.

The CTU University Research Ethics Office (UREO) is a research ethics oversight office under the Vice President for Research and Development. The University Research Ethics, constituted by BOR Resolution No. 61, s. 2018, has three committees, namely: University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) for human participants, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for Animals (IACUC), and Institutional Biorisk Management Committee for Hazardous Substances (IBC).