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University Director for Research and Development (UDRD)


Research Assistantship/Fellowship Program

Description Research Assistants or Associates are those hired by the University through its funds or external sources (from grants and support) to mainly perform technical functions in the research and development operations of the University. Research Assistants (RAs) can be graduate students who are currently enrolled in the University, and are required to render at least 20 hours of duty in any of its university research centers or identified research projects as identified by the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development and/or concerned Campus Director. Those accepted in the Graduate Research Assistantship Program are designated as Research Associate and Research Fellows for the Master’s and Doctorate program, respectively. (BOR Resolution No. 259, s. 2020)


COVID Services

During the events brought by Covid 19, CTU Barili through the Center for Studies in Biotechnology, initiates a Covid response to frontliners. The center gave PPE’s (handmade facemask and face...

Biotech week

The Biotech Week celebration of the center was in-line with the 16th National Biotechnology Celebration celebrated every November. Due to the events brought about by the pandemic, the celebration was...



SCOPUS: CTU sits at 9

Cebu Technological University ranked 9th among Visayan Higher Education Institutions’ (HEIs) and independent research centers, according to SCOPUS, an online abstract and citation database for academic journals. OIC University Director...