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University Director for University Research Ethics (UD-URE)

In conformance with Republic Act 10352 (Philippine National Health System Research Act of 2013), CHED Memorandum Order no. 34 of 2007 requiring the review of research endeavors involving human subjects and Republic Act 8485 (Animal Welfare Act) now amended to RA 10631 and the Department of Agriculture AO 40 (Rules and Guidelines on the conduct of scientific procedures using animals)requiring ethical clearances for research endeavors involving animals, the University Research Ethics Office is created. This office is administratively under the OVPRD, but maintains its relative autonomy in terms of its conduct of ethical reviews of research proposals. It is headed by the University Director for Research Ethics. Under this office is the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and the Institutional Biorisk Committee (IBC). Local committees in specific campuses under these university-level committees may be created depending on the operations of a particular campus (e.g., local animal care and use committee, local ethical review committee).

University Director for University Research Ethics (UD-URE) is university-wide administrative position that is appointed by the President through the recommendation of the UVPRD. The UD-URE shall assist the UVPRD in the implementation of standard ethical conduct of RD activities in the University. Also, the UD-URE will be mainly responsible for the supervision, implementation and monitoring of all the functions of the UREO. Its core functions shall include the following: