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Institutional Biorisk Committee (IBC)

The Institutional Biorisk Committee (IBC) of Cebu Technological University is responsible for reviewing all research involving valuable biological materials (VBMs). The committee has an overall sight and responsibility for the Biosafety and Biosecurity Program at Cebu Technological University (CTU).


The IBC:

Ensures that the university research activities and laboratories meet the standard of good biological safety to promote environmental health and security;

Implements management risks associated with research involving pathogenic microorganisms; and

Minimizes or prevents exposure from infectious agents to the person handling it in the lab, the lab, the building occupants, the community, and the environment.


The IBC sets and implements formal risk management systems to ensure safety and security measures in the laboratory and research conducted in the institution. To accomplish these tasks, the IBC will;

review and approve research involving VBMs that may pose environmental, health, and safety risks;

assess containment levels, facilities, procedures, practices, training, and expertise of personnel involved in research activities and laboratories;

advise researchers to meet the established biosafety and biosecurity standards;

implement modern risk management systems and mitigation and performance in food and science laboratory; and

investigate any significant research-related accidents or illnesses.