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University Director for Technology Business Incubator and Development (UD-TBID)


Accelerator and Incubation Program

There are Learning Modules on how to accelerate the business from conception to sustainability for Startups and Spin-off companies. This will take three to six months depending on the severity and the client’s needs. Different modules will be offered for Project Feasibility Study and Business Plan Preparation (Marketing, Finance, Operation and Human Resource Management).

Social Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship Program

Short module courses are offered for molding and developing Social Entrepreneurs and Technopreneurs that will produce more Social Technopreneurs in the country with multiple bottom lines not just for profit to be sustainable but will also produce products and services that will not harm the human beings and the environment to have a sustainable planet to live.

Training and Development

Learning Modules on different product and service innovations of CTU faculty members and incubatees which are already patented and have utility models for future technology transfer, adopters and spin-off companies. Clients will be trained about the products and services, the process and methods from incubation to commercialization. This provides laboratory, machine and equipment training for based products and service innovations.


COVID Services

During the events brought by Covid 19, CTU Barili through the Center for Studies in Biotechnology, initiates a Covid response to frontliners. The center gave PPE’s (handmade facemask and face...

Biotech week

The Biotech Week celebration of the center was in-line with the 16th National Biotechnology Celebration celebrated every November. Due to the events brought about by the pandemic, the celebration was...