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University Director for University Grants Administration (UD-UGA)


A university-wide administrative position that is appointed by the President through the recommendation of the UVPRD. The UD-UGA shall assist the UVPRD in the implementation of the R and D program of the university, and more specifically on the external grants administration and monitoring, and shall be responsible for the overall management of the UGAO

The University Grants Administration Office (UGAO) assists research investigators and proponents in the training and preparation of documents (proposal budget creation, populating electronic grants packages, etc.) for external grant applications. The Office oversees fund administration and management of externally funded programs. It conducts internal audit and monitors externally funded grants.

The UGAO provides administrative research support for our faculty, research staff, and graduate students. The Office serves as both a complement and liaison to the University's central administrative units for seeking external grant opportunities, proposals submission, accounts set-up, contract negotiation and processing, post-award compliance, and other services related to national and international grants, foundation agreements, and industry contracts.

The UGAO shall serve as the central office that will facilitate and administer research grants, receive funds from sponsor organizations/ institutions, request release of funds to investigators, conduct internal audits, and ensure the proper conduct and subsequent termination of funded projects. It shall monitor and oversee the implementation of externally funded research programs and grants. It will facilitate grant application and protocol development, monitor fund administration and management and research implementation, and seek RD funding opportunities.


A recognized key participant in furthering the research and development agenda of the University.


To provide vital access to external funding for projects and programs as well as provide excellent administrative and fiscal assistance for the successful implementation of externally funded projects and programs while ensuring compliance to regulatory and funding agencies.


The UGAO seeks to serve effectively as the central office that facilitates and administers grants, receives funds from sponsor organizations/institutions, requests release of funds to grantees, conducts internal audit, and ensures the proper conduct and subsequent termination of funded projects.


To seek more research and development funding opportunities and promotion to the University;

To assist grants/funds’ applicants in preparing the necessary documents and other requirements of the sponsor organizations/institutions;

To serve as the liaison and coordinating office between the University and national and international funding agencies, particularly regarding financial matters;

To ensure the proper implementation and termination of the externally funded projects and programs;

To promote science and technology research and development activities;

To complement graduate programs and research faculty human resource training in the University;

To establish mechanisms for the wide dissemination and utilization of research and development outputs.