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University Director for University Research and Extension Associates (UD-UREA)

The University Research and Extension Associates (UREA) Office plans, supervises and implements the Research and Extension events, Linkages and enhances the research training capability for university-wide development.

UD-UREA is a university-wide administrative position that is appointed by the President through the recommendation of the VPRD and VP-PEBA. The UD-UREA shall assist the VP-RD and VP-PEBA in the implementation of the RDE program of the university and shall be mainly responsible in supervising the University Research and Extension Associates (UREA).


Its core functions include the following:

Represent the UREAs in the RDE Council;

Plan, supervise, and direct the administration and implementation of the functions of the UREAs including: program planning, events and linkages, publication and communication, research training and capability enhancement, research grants preparation and implementation, monitoring, evaluation and recognition, equipping and provide support to researches conducted by instructors, coordinating with RDE centers of the university, implementing the research grants program of the university, ensuring the ethical soundness of researches in the university, facilitating the publication of scientific research outputs, community extension-related endeavors,

Prepare and update records of the UREAs;

Prepare and submit reports as required by UD-KITST for the VP-RD/ VP-PEBA;

Prepare communication/justification letters as required by University authorities as deemed necessary;

Coordinates the implementation of Research and Development Plans; and

Performs related tasks as may be assigned by the UD-KITST and/or VPRD/VPPEBA.