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University Director for University Shared Facilities (UD-USF)

The Office of the University for Viable Demonstration Project is a component of the University Vice President in Research and Development tasked in the management and development of the viable demonstration projects of the University.

UD-USF is a university-wide position that is appointed by the President who assists the VPRD and VP-PEBA in the development and management of the viable demonstration projects of the university and is responsible for the supervision, implementation, and monitoring of all the university shared facilities (USFs) implemented by the VPRD and VP-PEBA. Its core functions shall include: 1) Represent the Office of the University Shared Facilities (OUSF) in the RD and E council and other functions inside and outside the university as may be approved by the UVP-RD or University President; 2) Spearhead the development planning strategies of USF and oversee the daily functions and operations of the OUSF as implemented by the concerned campus; 3) Prepare and submit reports as required by the VPRD, VP-PEBA, and/or University President; 4) Makes communication letters as deemed vital for the operation of the OUSF; 5) Coordinate with all CTU RDE centers as deemed applicable; 6) Make communication/justification letters as instructed by superiors; 7) Monitor the operations of the USF and FICs in the different campuses; and 8) Perform related tasks as may be assigned by the VP-RD, VP-PEBA, and/or University President.


Responsible for the supervision, implementation and monitoring of all the VDPs, shared service facilities (SSF) and food innovation center, including the services implemented by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development (VPRD) and VP-PEBA.