VP Ybanez travels to Osaka, Japan for the Conference organized by WIPO

Dr. Adrian Ybanez (right) with his co-participants of the conference

VP Research and Development traveled to Osaka, Japan for the Fourth Regional Conference for Presidents, Vice Presidents and Technology Transfer Officers of Universities and Research Institutions on Creating an Enabling Intellectual Property (IT) Environment for Technology Development, Management and Commercialization, November 25 – 27, 2019.

Dr. Ybanez mentioned in his letter to Dr. Rosein Ancheta Jr. CTU President that this conference “will surely be of help to the development of the university’s Office of Knowledge, Information, and Technology Transfer”.

Dr. Ybanez (first from left) with his the participants of the Conference

This conference was organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in collaboration with the Osaka University and Japan Patent Office (JPO). Its objective was to engage the top management of universities, research institutions and government agencies to create an environment for enabling Intellectual Property (IP).

In addition, Enabling IP includes institutional structures and systems for IP and finding solutions to the present challenges in developing and commercializing technology. –rmmm/ccmr

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