Reylan G. Capuno


Reylan G. Capuno

Current Academic Rank: Associate Professor V

Campus: Main Campus

Designation: Dean

Department and College: College of Education


Research Interest(s):

  • Technology and Education


  • Doctorate degree(s) or equivalent: Doctor of Philisophy – Technology Management, Doctor in Development Education
  • Masteral degree(s) or equivalent: Master in Technician Education
  • Bachelor degree(s): Bachelor in Industrial Education
  • Other Degree(s): NONE

Awards/ Recognition Received:

  • Mayor’s Plaque of Excellence
  • CTU Loyalty Award
  • Oustanding Faculty (CTU-Main Campus)
  • Outstanding Faculty (CTU-System)

Professional Affiliations/ Membership:


Current Project(s) grant(s) if any:

  1. N/A

Other links (please copy): (ORCID; google scholar; research gate)

  2. Researchgate: Reylan Capuno

List of Publication in APA format (if any, please use additional sheets if necessary):

  1. Capuno, R.G., Capuyan, D.L., Lumbab, J.S., (2019). Eco-clay enhanced with pulverized oyster (Crassostrea virginica) shells. Journal for Agriculture and Technology Management
  2. Capuno, R.G. etal. (2019) Attitudes, Study Habits, and Academic Performance of Junior High School Students in Mathematic., International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, Volume 14 Issue 3, pp. 547-561
  3. Capuno, R.G., etal (2019) Facilitating Learning Mathematics Through the Use of Instructional Media, International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, Volume 14 Issue 3, pp. 677-688
  4. Rico Anthony M. Demeterio, Rosein A. Ancheta Jr., Lanndon A. Ocampo, Dennis L. Capuyan, and Reylan Capuno (2019), An Investigation on the Intralocality Differences in Health and Safety Implementation of Construction Industries, Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journal. Volume 7 Number 1
  5. Charito Bonghanoy, Jonathan O. Etcuban, Niña Lyn Bueno, Gerwine Medio, Reylan Capuno, Dennis Capuyan, (2019), Stakeholders’ Perspective on the Implementation of Train Law in Cebu City, Philippines, Asian Journal of Managerial Science ISSN: 2249-6300 Vol 8., No. 2., 2019, pp. 55-63
  6. Niña Lyn Bueno, Jonathan O. Etcuban, Judy Ann Gimena, Charito Bonghanoy, Reylan Capuno, Raymond Espina, (2019), Corporate Social Responsibility of Selected Business in Cebu City, Philippines, Asian Review of Social Sciences ISSN: 2249-6319 Vol. 8, No. 2, 2019, pp. 58-65