Rino Anthony M. Demeterio


Rino Anthony M. Demeterio

Current Academic Rank: Associate Professor V

Campus: Main Campus

Designation: Planning and Devt. Director, Ancillary Director

Department and College: Graduate School

Email: rinoandame@gmail.com

Research Interest(s):

  • Technology
  • Social Science


  • Doctorate degree(s) or equivalent: Human Resource Dev’t, Technology Management
  • Masteral degree(s) or equivalent: Master of Science in Management Engineering
  • Bachelor degree(s): Architect
  • Other Degree(s): None

Awards/ Recognition Received:

  • N/A

Professional Affiliations/ Membership:

  1. United Architects of the Philippines

Current Project(s) grant(s) if any:

  1. N/A

Other links (please copy): (ORCID; google scholar; research gate)

  1. N/A

List of Publication in APA format (if any, please use additional sheets if necessary):

  1. And Investigation on the Intralocality Difference in Health and Safety Implementation of Construction Industries, University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City ASEAN Citation Index, ISSN: 2423-1398, Vol. 7 No. 1
  2. Facilitating Learning Mathematics through the use if Instructional Media, Capuno, Revalde, Etcuban, Aventuna, Medro, Demeterio, ISSN 1306-3030, 2019 Vol. 14 No.3 677-688