San Francisco Campus

Campus DirectorZANDRO O. PEREZ
Assistant Campus DirectorMAY FLERIDA M. CULANGO
Phone Number/s9177757030
Land Area100,000 sq.m.
AddressNorthern Poblacion,San Francisco, Cebu 
Student  Population  (Undergraduate)  as of October 20202,241
Student  Population  (Graduate)  as of October 2020475
Board Topnotchers in the last 3 years1
Completed GAA-funded Researches in the last 3 years10
Ongoing GAA-funded Researches as of 20205
Completed Infrastructure as of 20202
Ongoing Infrastructure as of 20201
Research Center Facilities1
Completed Extension Services   in the last 3 years13
Ongoing Extension Services  as of 20204
Income-Generating Project Profit1,022,178.75