Cebu Technological University – San Francisco

Student Organizations



Fisheries Students’ Organization (FiSO)

Fisheries Students’ Organization (FiSO) of Cebu Technological University (CTU) San Francisco is an organization created exclusively for fisheries students. It is embedded with the Constitution and By-Laws to establish organizations’ structure and rules. Its purpose is to create a functional committed organization to help students contribute their knowledge and skills for a globally competitive fishery technologist.

Its vision and mission is to equip students with modern techniques through research and use natural resources wisely and sustainably. Through this, we can build a strong foundation of fisheries institutions to help promote awareness in the field of science and research.

There are two (2) objectives in the organization: (1) To encourage every Fisheries Student to do Scientific Research relevant to the area of specialization and be more participative in extension services to enhance their knowledge and skills. The main goal of this; Students have progression in school but also the community where they lived in (Socio-economic progress) and; (2) To help the Fisheries Students know better about their role on responsible fisheries and wise utilization of aquatic resources.


Student Supreme Government (SSG)

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) of CTU San Francisco is the highest governing body of the Students of CTU San Francisco, embodied by the elected students.


Student’s Organization of Hospitality Management (SOHM)

The Hospitality Management Department proposed an organization that intends to develop the student’s assets and skills in entertaining and dealing with people. Through this proposed organization of the Hospitality Management Department, other people who discriminate the capacities and capabilities of the HM Students will enlighten their mind that HM Department has lots of services that they can offer. The department tried to build this organization that can provide opportunities for them to explore which field or job they would prefer.


Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP)

The Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP) Organization shall be the higher governing student body next to the Supreme Student Council, embodied by the elected students.( Section 1. Article III CBL)

The domicile of FSTLP Organization shall be established within CTU San Francisco at a place designated by the executive body.

All authorities entrusted to the Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines emanate from the Student Body, provided the same are not contrary or detrimental to the interest and policies of the administration and students. (Section 2. Article II CBL)

It shall be the moral duty and obligation of FSTLP members to cooperate, support and help actualize any determined projects and activities by the organization. (Article 4. Article II CBL)