Cebu Technological University – San Remigio

Social Responsibility


PANOKOS: Pagpanguha og Nokos para sa Kalambuan Og Sa Lahutay

To address the issue of low catch and production of squids, the project introduced a simple technology using squid spawning devices and squid traps.

20 Beneficiaries (Fishermen)

3 volunteer students

13 volunteer staff

Community-Based Sea Urchin Farming

The project aimed to establish a sea urchin farm with the beneficiaries actively managing the farm and earning an income from the project.

25 Beneficiaries (Fishermen, Gleaners & Fish Vendors)

88 volunteer hours

9 volunteer staff

Grupo sa mga Responsableng Entreprenyur Alang sa Tabogon (GREAT)

The project aimed to provide target beneficiaries access to alternative sources of livelihood to augment their economic and basic needs through capacitating target beneficiaries with appropriate skills and knowledge on noodle making specifically breadfruit noodles.