Shared Service Facility

What is Shared Service Facility?

MSME Development (MSMED) is a key strategy to achieve the government’s goal of inclusive growth and jobs generation. The 2013 General Appropriations Act (GAA) has earmarked funds under the budget of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to implement its “Big Push” for MSME development. A major component of the MSMED Program is the Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Project which aims to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs by providing them with machinery, equipment, tools, systems, skills and knowledge under a shared system. [1]

The SSF Project is being implemented nationwide with project partners termed as Cooperators.  Cebu Technological University is one of the selected co-operators of SSF projects in Cebu Province of Region 7.

The SSF Project aims to attain one or more of the objectives below:

  • Enable MSMEs to increase their productivity;
  • Accelerate MSMEs’ competitiveness by giving them access to energy efficient technologies and more sophisticated equipment;
  • Encourage the graduation of MSMEs to the next level where they could tap a better and wider market share and be integrated in the global supply chain;
  • Take into account convergence where government resources are pooled and integrated; and
  • Address the gap and bottlenecks in the value chain of priority industry clusters.
Cebu Technological University-Argao Campus SSF for Digital Fabrication Laboratory
SSF for Handloom Weaving The weaving facility contains twenty (20) handloom machines with 2 treadles. The frame of the loom is metal, making it lighter and sturdier than its traditional wooden counterpart.  All moving parts are made of wood.  The loom was constructed by experts from the province of Abra but its design is a combination of the Abra and Iloilo looms.  The metal frame is a modification made to make the looms more durable. Ten (10) of the twenty (20) handlooms are equipped with 60-inch metal reeds while the rest are equipped with a 36-inch metal reeds.  All twenty looms are furnished with nylon heddles
Cebu Technological University-Carmen Campus SSF for Indigenous Fabric Printing
Cebu Technological University-Daanbantayan Campus Food Innovation Center The Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Project aims to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs by providing them with machinery, equipment, tools, systems, skills and knowledge under a shared system.
Cebu Technological University-Danao Campus SSF for Digital Fabrication Laboratory
Cebu Technological University-Tuburan Campus SSF for Digital Fabrication Laboratory
Food Innovation Center
Cebu Technological University-Main Campus SSF for Product Packaging, Design and Printing Center The SSF of Cebu Technological University-Main Campus is a “Product Packaging, Design, and Printing Center” which aim to provide production support to MSME’s within the locality on product packaging, design, and printing by providing them access to more advanced machinery/equipment to increase their productivity and competitiveness among other entrepreneurs
Cebu Technological University-Tabogon Extension Campus SSF for Breadfruit Noodle Making

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