Szarah V. Sampan


Szarah V. Sampan

Current AcademicRank:InstructorI

Campus: San Francisco Campus

Designation: Adviser UGMAD Performing Group

Department and College: COTE

Other affiliation: N/A

Research Interest(s):

  • Arts,Science, Physical Education


  • Doctorate degree(s) or equivalent:N/A
  • Masteral degree(s) or equivalent: MATPE (on going)
  • Bachelor degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
  • Other Degree(s): Vocational NCII

Awards/ Recognition Received:

  • _N/A

Professional Affiliations/ Membership:

  1. PAFTE, CBE, Folic Dance Society

Current Project(s) grant(s) if any:

  1. N/A

Other links (please copy): (ORCID; google scholar; research gate)

  1. N/A

List of Publication in APA format (if any, please use additional sheets if necessary):

  1. N/A