CTU Daanbantayan Faculty had Quick Tour at CTU Danao FabLab

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CTU Daanbantayan Faculty had an opportunity to randomly visit CTU Danao Fab Lab on May 13, 2022.

Tawie Vasquez guided the faculty and provided them with the details of CTU Danao Fab Lab facilities. He also led CTU Daanbantayan faculty in the area of the products. The visitors (CTU Daanbantayan faculty) were amazed by the products, and they asked further how they created the products.

Vasquez briefly discussed how to acquire the facilities where CTU-Daanbantayan faculty were eager to listen and wished to have more conversations regarding the facilities. It was only a short time for CTU Danao staff to present the products and the facilities.

Nevertheless, the visitors coming from CTU Daanbantayan, who were also participants of the Research Workshop held in CTU Danao, appreciated the warm welcome of CTU Danao Fab Lab.

Words by Llanabelle Lanohan / CTU Tabogon