CTU-Tabogon Extension Campus Sports League: Unit II bagged Trophies

Despite these trying times, faculty and staff of Cebu Technological University- Tabogon Extension showed off sportsmanship on Campus Sports League with the theme “Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Environment” last June 3, 2022, at CTU-Tabogon Quadrangle. 

The event started at 9 in the morning. The PE coordinator, Ms. Jessa Ann M. Argawanon, spilt the words of welcome and another inspiring message from the acting campus director, Dr. Rolina C. Paran. Followed by the Zumba Dance, Lighting of Urn, Unit Team and Yell Presentation, Banner Raising, and the most awaited part, the Friendship Games. 

Two competitive units exerted effort and willingness to take home the awards and trophies by showcasing their basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess and scrabble skills. Fortunately, Unit II led the game and was the overall champ in this year’s Campus Sports League. 

The said event ended at precisely 5 in the afternoon. The awarding ceremony was carried out successfully by Dr. Rolina C. Paran. 


Words by Llanabelle Lanohan