CTU-Tabogon attends ICPA and CCM strat plan

CTU-Tabogon Extension campus director and Center for Communication and Media (CCM) director participated in the Strategic Meeting and Presentation of Operations Manual for CCM and Information, Communications and Public Affairs (ICPA) last September 7-8, 2022, at CN building CTU-main campus, 

Dr. Rolina C. Paran, Acting Campus Director, and Ms. Llanabelle O. Lañohan, CCM director, took part in the abovementioned strat plan along with other extension and campus directors, ICPA, and CCM directors who aid in the finalization of the operations manual. Finally, despite the busy schedules of the participants and facilitators, it has been realized.

The opening remarks and statement of the purpose were precisely rendered by Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca, University Director for ICPA and CCM. 

Then, the sharing of the communication process by campus was done, and each campus director of CTU satellite campuses and extension campuses who attended genuinely expressed their thoughts and sentiments regarding their communication processes. 

Some of the realizations that came up during the sharing were: 

“Be kind and generous,” “Be sensitive and be careful,” “Be informed,” “Be mindful,” “Be visible and be participative always,” and “Always have initiative.”  This forum happened in the morning session of the first day of the strategic meeting. 

In the afternoon, however, some experts are invited to enlighten us about our directors’ responsibilities. The first discussant was Prof. Johannes CamasuraUniversity Director for Automation, Innovation and Computing. He explained the boundary between the technical stuff and the content of the university website. Also, he emphasized the “think-thrice-before-posting” for it can affect the reputation of the whole university. He reminded everyone to be constantly mindful of the content that is to be published. 

On the other hand, the second speaker was Atty. Marvey Ocampo, Acting Chief Administrative Officer. She explicitly discussed the communications protocol. All were well-informed after her discussion, and some concerns were raised and adequately addressed.

On the last day, Dr. Jaca concluded the event by sharing the overview of the Operations Manual for CCM and ICPA, the CTU website, website management, and the finalization of the operations manual. 



Words by Llanabelle Lanohan