CTU-Tabogon NSTP students held its Clean Up Drive

Last September 17, 2022, the NSTP students of CTU-Tabogon extension held its Clean Up Drive within the campus premises.


NSTP students made an effort to make their university clean and organized. They also have committed to maintaining and sustaining the neatness and cleanliness of their classrooms and the whole vicinity of their campus. 


Moreover, this school activity was successful through the guidance of the NSTP Instructors: Prof. Jessa Ann A. Veraces, Prof. Amiel G. Sumagang, and Prof. Ramel I. Colegado.


Every year, the Clean-Up Drive is held to encourage students to commit their time to community service for the good of society. The event attendees have the ideal opportunity to understand how a clean atmosphere will improve the surroundings.


Words by Llanabelle Lanohan