Capacity Building Seminar Series for Teaching Interns 2022—2023

The CTU Daanbantayan Campus is hosting the Capacity Building Seminar Series for Teaching Interns 2022—2023 to equip future teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed chosen profession on March 10, 2023. The seminar series includes various topics, including Diversity and Self Mastery, Data Privacy Act, and Matatag Agenda.

CTU Tabogon Extension College of Education joined the seminar series. The topics discussed that day were embedding equality and diversity of learners and mastery of teaching strategies and learning styles.

Dr. Vivian M. Arreglo gave a warm welcome address to start the program officially, and Prof. Braulio M. Diongson presented the participants. Moreover, Prof. Felixberto T. Lucabon also imparted his message wholeheartedly, introducing the first resource speaker, Prof. Tsereyl N. Verdida.

The first topic tackled was Diversity and Self Mastery, with Dr. Bernadette A. Susvilla as the resource speaker. She emphasized the importance of mastering oneself before engaging in the real world of teaching, not just as a professional but also as a person. She shared a quote by Leonardo Da Vinci, “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself,” and threw some questions to encourage the participants to reflect on the topic. She also played a short video clip about valuing life, a valuable learning experience.”

Including topics that were discussed were Professionalism and the Professional Wisdom of Teachers. Dr. Susvilla started the lesson by calling interns from different extension campuses to share their takeaways from the previous topics. She emphasized that teaching is a calling and that teachers should possess integrity and patience. She also tackled teacher standards as stated in R.A. 9155, where all teaching personnel are responsible and accountable for any school damage.

Overall, the seminar provided great learning opportunities, self-improvement, and progress that will be useful throughout the practice teaching journey.

Words by | Maricel P. Ytang