Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency: Coordination Meeting at CTU Daanbantayan

To foster seamless communication, teamwork, and synergy, the Cebu Technological University (CTU) in Daanbantayan recently organized a coordination meeting on June 6, 2023. The meeting served as a platform to discuss strategies, address challenges, and streamline operations to achieve collective goals effectively.

Representatives from various departments, including administration, academics, student affairs, and student government, actively participated, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives were considered. This inclusive approach aimed to strengthen collaboration across different areas of the university.

A significant highlight of the coordination meeting was the open discussion sessions, allowing attendees to raise concerns, propose ideas, and offer suggestions for improvement. These discussions served as a platform for brainstorming solutions and promoting effective decision-making.

Moreover, the coordination meeting emphasized the importance of effective communication channels and information sharing within the university. Prof. Felixberto Lucabon, the Dean of Instruction, underscored the significance of efficient communication among the colleges. Participants discussed the implementation of a centralized platform to streamline communication processes, facilitating the efficient flow of information across departments. This approach is expected to enhance coordination, minimize duplication of efforts, and promote transparency.

As the meeting concluded, participants expressed their commitment to implementing the action points discussed and fostering a culture of collaboration moving forward. The successful coordination meeting marks the beginning of a new chapter for CTU Daanbantayan, where teamwork and synergy will propel the institution towards greater achievements, creating a lasting impact on the community it serves.