CTU-Tabogon celebrates milestone with First International Research Publication

Cebu Technological University-Tabogon Extension proudly announces the release of its inaugural international research study, a significant achievement showcasing the institution’s growing prominence in academic research. Spearheaded by students from the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering program, namely Maria Gladys Taneo, Floyd P. Formentera, Roland F. Egdamen Jr., Mary Chris Q. Saladaga, Ra’ja’nii H. Berenguel, Allem P. Ando, King Arthur M. Bacang, co-author Janine Recopelacion, and their dedicated subject teacher, Ms. Katrina D. Arpon, this groundbreaking research, conducted in collaboration with the esteemed campus director, Dr. Rolina C. Paran, delves into the critical examination of risk factors affecting students’ safety throughout the Academic Year 2022-2023.

The CTU-Tabogon Extension community takes immense pride in this achievement, recognizing it as a testament to the institution’s burgeoning influence in the academic research landscape. Not only does this pioneering work contribute substantially to local academic discourse, but it also enriches the broader global conversation on student safety. The recognition is further magnified by the presentation of the research at the distinguished 1st CTU Moalboal International Research Congress by Ms. Maria Gladys Taneo on March 17, 2023.

This momentous milestone marks the first-ever international research publication for CTU-Tabogon Extension, significantly elevating the institution’s academic standing on the global stage. Beyond showcasing a commitment to academic excellence, the groundbreaking study underscores the campus’ dedication to addressing real-world challenges impacting students.

As CTU-Tabogon Extension continues to cultivate a culture of research and innovation, this international publication sets the stage for future endeavors. It serves as an inspiration for faculty and students alike, encouraging active engagement in impactful research that transcends borders. This landmark achievement solidifies CTU-Tabogon Extension’s unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing the pressing challenges faced by students. The research publication stands as a beacon of success, guiding the campus towards further academic excellence and international recognition.

Words by Jay Marie A. Presbitero