The Triumph of Community Unity and Lifesaving Acts at the ‘Blood Donation Day’ in Ilihan, Tabogon, Cebu

On November 28, 2023, a significant and altruistic event unfolded at the Ilihan, Tabogon, Cebu sports complex, as the Department of Health (DOH) orchestrated a remarkable “Blood Donation Day.” Spearheaded by the dedicated team from the Rural Health Unit (RHU) in collaboration with the Subnational Blood Center for the Visayas Department of Health, and with valuable assistance from the Barangay Ilihan Health Workers, the event aimed to bolster the local blood supply and, ultimately, save lives.

The altruistic spirit was palpable as donors streamed in, including enthusiastic students from Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus – Tabogon Extension and the benevolent residents of Barangay Ilihan. Their eager participation underscored a collective understanding that their selfless contributions could make a profound impact on the well-being of others.

Notably, blood donation is a noble act accessible to most individuals in good health. To ensure the safety and efficacy of the donation process, specific criteria were set forth. Prospective donors were required to weigh at least 50 kilograms, abstain from smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages for six hours, be free from coughs or colds, and have refrained from getting tattooed within the past year.

The meticulously organized event followed a systematic process, commencing with the registration table where participants provided necessary details. Subsequently, their weight and blood pressure were checked, and forms were duly filled out. The final step involved a thorough review of the forms at the RHU before donors proceeded to the actual blood-taking process.

Post-donation, a crucial phase ensued as donors were mandated to rest for 15 minutes, during which they were provided with refreshments. This critical period allowed donors to recuperate and ensured their well-being before leaving the donor’s area.

Beyond the procedural aspects, the event carried a powerful message – donating blood is an act of solidarity, an opportunity for individuals to come together for a common cause: the preservation of life. The rallying cry, “Give Blood, Give Plasma, Share life, Share often,” encapsulates the essence of this benevolent act, encouraging continuous participation to address ongoing needs within the community.

In conclusion, the “Blood Donation Day” at Ilihan, Tabogon, Cebu, exemplified the strength that community collaboration and compassionate individuals can bring to public health initiatives. As we reflect on this event, let it inspire us to recognize the impact we can collectively make by participating in such initiatives and, in doing so, actively contribute to the noble cause of saving lives.

Words by: Liecel Fuentes