CTU-Daanbantayan’s Seminar-Workshop on Innovative Extension Project Proposals

On December 1, 2023, CTU-Daanbantayan Campus orchestrated a transformative seminar-workshop on Extension Project Proposal Making at the illustrious Hometel Building, heralding a day dedicated to academic enrichment and community-focused initiatives. The event, hosted by Dr. Braulio M. Diongson, Chairman for Student Teaching, commenced at 9:00 in the morning, marking the initiation of a collaborative effort to channel academic expertise towards community development.

The proceedings unfurled with a warm welcome from the Extension Director, Prof. Nicolas P. Antigua, setting the tone for a day of insightful discussions. Prof. Antigua expounded on the statement of purpose, underscoring the pivotal role played by extension project proposals in fostering community engagement and empowerment. Emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the community and the academic institution, he illuminated the manifold benefits of crafting proposals that address pressing community needs while concurrently enhancing the skills of those involved.

Prof. Jhon Froy C. Capuno, the Extension Chairperson of BIT, undertook the task of introducing participants hailing from the CTU-Daanbantayan Campus and its satellite extensions in Tabogon, San Remegio, and Bantayan. In his motivational address, Prof. Felixberto T. Lucabon Jr., the Assistant Campus Director of CTU-Daanbantayan Campus, stressed the importance of strategic planning aligned with the standards set forth by AACCUP. He rallied everyone to collaborate synergistically, leveraging insights from AACCUP findings to elevate the campus and provide a more enriching educational experience for students.

The spotlight then shifted to the introduction of the resource person, Dr. Marjorie L. Zanoria, facilitated by the Extension Chairperson of Tabogon, Prof. Cherrylene G. Macachor. Dr. Zanoria, a distinguished figure in the academic realm, delivered an insightful seminar-workshop, delving into the nuances of crafting an extension project proposal. She meticulously presented the format, concluding her address with an inspiring quote: “You never know what you are capable of unless you try.” This motivational mantra resonated deeply, particularly among the part-time faculty members, instilling a renewed determination to give their best in generating impactful extension project proposals. The full-time faculty members pledged unwavering support, affirming their commitment to guide and assist throughout the proposal development process.

In the afternoon session, faculty members from diverse departments across different campuses immersed themselves in the intricate planning of their extension project proposals. Dr. Zanoria, alongside esteemed extensionistas Dr. Sutero Macabudbud and Prof. Nicolas P. Antigua, actively mentored and guided participants, ensuring a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to their proposals. The day culminated in presentations of meticulously crafted extension project proposals, showcasing the dedication and innovative spirit of the academic community.

Under the guidance of Campus Director Dr. Rolina C. Paran, the five curriculum programs offered at CTU-Tabogon Extension—BEED, BTLED-HE, BSHM, BSIT, and BSIE—demonstrated their commitment to community engagement. Each program presented innovative extension project proposals, with Mr. Joseph Abueva, Mr. Darin Garcia, Ms. Rhona Mae Colegado, Prof. Alerica Frias, and Prof. George Michael Geollina leading the presentations for their respective programs.

The seminar-workshop concluded by the distribution of certificates and tokens of appreciation to the resource person, Dr. Marjorie L. Zanoria, acknowledging her invaluable contribution to the event. The closing remarks, delivered eloquently by Prof. Camilo Argawanon, the Extension Chairperson of San Remigio, encapsulated the spirit of collaboration and the collective commitment to community-centric academic initiatives.

In the wake of this enriching seminar-workshop, the CTU-Daanbantayan Campus stands poised to embark on a journey of transformative community engagement, armed with well-crafted extension project proposals that promise to make a lasting impact on both the academic and local landscapes.