CTU- Daanbantayan Campus Tabogon Extension shine brights with the Grand Parol Lighting Ceremony

Cebu Technological University-Daanbantayan Campus Tabogon Extension is experiencing a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, as the university kicked off the holiday season with a Grand Parol Lighting Ceremony with a theme of “HudyaKA-TECHNO: Panag-ambit sa Pasko.” The event, held on the 7th of December, brought together students, faculty, and staff for the ceremonial lighting of their handcrafted parol. Adorned with colorful lights and intricate designs, the meticulously crafted lanterns by talented students and faculty members, reflecting the creativity and artistry of the CTU community, illuminated the campus, marking the beginning of the jolly season.

The ceremony commenced with a heartwarming message, led by the university’s Supreme Student Government (SSG) President, Maria Gladys Taneo, who emphasized the significance of celebrating unity and hope as this festive light celebration represents. Following the welcome speech, the ceremonial switch was flipped, igniting the Parols in a breathtaking display of lights. The campus was instantly transformed into a magical wonderland, captivating all those present with its enchanting glow. The representatives of each section elucidate the relevance and meaning of their meticulously crafted Christmas lanterns. The joyful atmosphere was further enhanced by the harmonious sounds of Christmas carols performed by some of the CTU-Tabogon’s talented students, creating a truly magical experience.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rolina C. Paran, CTU Tabogon Campus Director, expressed her gratitude for the remarkable efforts put forth by the students and student leaders in organizing such a grand event. She highlighted the significance of spreading love and kindness as a true spirit of Christmas, as well as CTU Tabogon’s role in nurturing the values of compassion and solidarity among its students.

As the event ended, the CTU Tabogon Campus was left aglow, not just with the radiant lights of the parols, but with a renewed sense of unity and hope. The bright parols created a festive atmosphere that warmed the campus and served as a reminder of the joyous spirits of the season. As the lights glowed, they reflected the students’ optimism and commitment, bringing joy and goodwill to the entire CTU Tabogon community.

Words by Virnie Lou Bacu