FSTLP Embarks on a Transformative Journey

Photo by Melissa Saladaga

On December 6, 2023, the Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP) conducted their ceremonial oath-taking, signifying a new era of leadership and unwavering commitment to advancing scientific and technological pursuits within the student community.

The ceremony was hosted by the SSG President and former FSTLP Governor, Maria Gladys Taneo, and commenced with an inspiring message delivered by our Campus Director, Dr. Rolina C. Paran. In her address, Dr. Paran commended the diligent efforts of the newly-instated leaders while expressing hope that their dedication would go beyond mere service awards, especially for graduating students. She emphasized FSTLP’s crucial role in supporting school activities, especially given the lack of available manpower and resources.

“I hope nga ang inyong gipanumpaan karon, inyo nang tumanon ug labi na sa inyong gisaad ngadto sa mga students during sa inyong room to room campaign. Thank you for your support, and I hope atong ma maintain ang atong suporta sa usag-usa ug labi na ang suporta ngadto sa mga studyante ug sa skwelahan,” added Dr. Paran, encouraging future leaders to take accountability and responsibility for their actions.

The newly elected FSTLP officials undertook their oath, led by Administrative Officer V, Mrs. Sofia M. Montana, signifying their unwavering dedication to the goals and principles of the organization. Amidst the excitement, the turnover speech was delivered by the former FSTLP Governor, Maria Gladys Taneo. With gratitude and confidence, she handed over the responsibilities, trusting that the new officers would bring fresh ideas and improve the organization.

“To officers, I offer my sincere congratulations. May your tenure be marked by success, collaboration, and the pursuit of our shared objectives. I have full confidence that under your leadership,” Maria Gladys stated. She expressed immense confidence in their leadership and called for continued teamwork and support.

The newly appointed FSTLP Governor, Romulo Rodrigo Jr., delivered his speech of acceptance, expressed gratitude for the trust placed in the newly sworn-in officers. He reassured everyone that the FSTLP leaders are dedicated, not only to serving the organization but also to contributing meaningful progress to the whole school community.

Moreover, Mrs. Sofia M. Montana took the stage to speak about the important administrative responsibilities. She urged the officers to uphold the responsibilities fundamental to their roles. Mrs. Montana further requested that the FSTLP’s Constitution and By-Laws be briefly reviewed to make sure that every officer was fully aware of their responsibilities. She also encouraged the FSTLP officers to work closely with the Student Government (SSG), promoting teamwork between the two organizations to make their ideas and projects work better.

The event concluded with warm congratulations from Mrs. Montana and Dr. Paran to the officers, and to seal the moment, a memorable photo was captured. The shared photo serves as a visual memento of their successful inauguration into their respective roles.

Words by Melissa Saladaga