CTU Tabogon Extension Campus embrace the Christmas Celebration 2023

In a festive celebration themed “HudyaKa-TECHNO: Panag-ambit sa Pasko,” the CTU Tabogon Extension Campus brought the spirit of Christmas to life on December 15, 2023. The school grounds transformed into a lively venue, purposefully chosen to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The event, attended by students from various departments, esteemed faculty and staff, and the Campus Director, commenced officially at 9:00 in the morning. Hon. Dexter Dalauta, the SSG Press Secretary, set the tone with warm greetings during his welcome address. Dr. Rolina C. Paran, the energetic Campus Director, inspired everyone with her uplifting talk, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The Daygon performance, featuring an enchanting acapella blend from different departments, captivated the audience. The Parol Making Contest showcased creativity, adding a touch of brilliance to the festivities.

Furthermore, the Costume Making Contest stole the spotlight, starting with a runway challenge that had the crowd roaring in support. Each candidate, representing various departments, made a fierce entrance, and after a brief introduction, the Daygon Contest continued with four more captivating presenters. The event reached its peak with the announcement of winners for the slogan and poster-making contest.

The Lipsync Performance and Battle Royale added to the excitement, with participants energetically entertaining the crowd despite the heat of the sun. The event’s climax arrived with the much-anticipated announcement of winners across various contests:

Daygon Contest:

1st Placer: Presenter #8 (BSIE 2 & 4)

2nd Placer: Presenter #7 (BTLED 1 & 3)

3rd Placer: Presenter #2 (BSHM 1)

Slogan Contest:

1st Placer: Rex Barrita

2nd Placer: Krishelle Den C. Poyos

3rd Placer: Ivan Roby Talingting

Poster Making Contest:

1st Placer: Sheryl Elliene Monsalud

2nd Placer: Christiannne Suson

3rd Placer: Leonel Montebon

Parol Making Contest:

1st Placer: BSHM 2A

2nd Placer: BSIE 2

3rd Placer: BTLED-HE 4

4th Placer: BSIE 1 and BSHM 3B

5th Placer: BSIT 2B

Costume Making Contest (Major Awarding):

Runway Slayer: Jhon Riz Jumao-as (BTLED 4)

Lipsync Assassin: Jhon Riz Jumao-as (BTLED 4)

Best Model: Jhon Riz Jumao-as (BTLED 4)

Best in Costume: Vincent Monares (BTLED 3)

Costume Maker First Runner Up: Louijie Saladaga (BSIE 2)

Costume Maker 2023: Jhon Riz Jumao-as (BTLED 4)

Mr. Niel Hanley Elarcosa, the master of ceremony, skillfully guided the event to a successful conclusion. With hearts full of joy, everyone dispersed to their respective departments, carrying the essence of happiness and positivity from the vibrant Christmas celebration.

Words by Eza G. Donato