Fostering Communication and Solutions

During the ‘Student Dialogue’ at the Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus-Tagogon Extension on January 30, 2024, President Jerick Niño Bojos emphasized, “Communication is always the key to solve problems.” The event, attended by various key figures, aimed to provide a platform for students to address concerns ranging from grades and teachers’ methods to issues with laboratory equipment, comfort room inadequacy, and the need to address concrete dust on Hospitality Management Building Floors for student safety and comfort.

The dialogue, hosted by Ms. Aprilleen L. Omblero, SSG Executive Secretary of CTU Daanbantayan Campus, witnessed the participation of CTU Daanbantayan Campus SSG Officers, SSG Adviser Dr. Ritchie L. Gahob, Editor In Chief, and Associate Editor in Chief for Internal and External Linkages of The Modern Fisher, CTU Tabogon Extension SSG Officers, FSTLP Officers, Departmental Council Officers, and Class Mayors.

Following the discussions, President Jerick Niño Bojos and President Maria Gladys Taneo of CTU Tabogon Extension led the turnover of Federation of Supreme Government (FSG) Remittance. The session concluded with Vice President Jason Pejana of CTU Daanbantayan Campus expressing gratitude to all attendees, emphasizing their shared commitment to effective communication as an anchor for dealing with challenges and promoting a positive school community. / Melissa T. Saladaga