CTU – Tabogon celebrates Students’ Day 2024

Photo by Jerson Bontigao

In a heartwarming celebration themed ‘Celebrating the Future Change Makers,’ CTU Tabogon Extension commemorated Students’ Day 2024 as a Valentine’s Day Special. Students gathered to revel in their hard work alongside friends and loved ones, engaging in a day filled with various activities organized by the Supreme Student Government Officers.

To kickstart the energy, Zumba took center stage, led by the talented Performing Arts Club Dancers and the multi-talented instructor, Mr. Darin Garcia. The aim was to invigorate the students, ensuring they had a delightful and joyous day.

A variety of exciting activities and creative booths awaited the students: Flower Stall; Photo Booth; Marriage Booth; Jail Booth; Dedication Booth; Movie Booth; Confession Wall; Snacks Booth; and Disco Booth.

All activities per booth were priced affordable for students, with proceeds allocated to each departmental council for the construction of the CTU Tabogon Gymnasium’s stage. The event provided a perfect opportunity for students to celebrate their achievements, fostering a sense of community and unity within the campus. / Irish Kate Tolaresa