CTU-Tabogon SSG distributes whiteboards

The CTU-Tabogon SSG, led by the esteemed Maria Gladys Taneo, has undertaken a pivotal endeavor aimed at empowering their fellow students – the distribution of seventeen (17) complimentary whiteboards. This visionary initiative is not merely about furnishing a basic tool; it’s a commitment to fostering an atmosphere conducive to open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.

A whiteboard transcends its physical form; it becomes a canvas for ideas to flourish, problems to be solved, and voices to be heard. By eradicating communication barriers, it cultivates inclusivity and facilitates interactive learning. Whiteboards serve as the nucleus of collaborative learning environments, where concepts are built upon, complexities unravelled, and innovation thrives.

The provision of free whiteboards extends far beyond the tangible. It’s a catalyst for unlocking the full academic potential of students, transforming the campus milieu, and championing their interests. This gesture ignites a spark within students, propelling them towards academic, social, and creative excellence.

By equipping students with these practical resources, the CTU-Tabogon SSG fosters a culture of sharing and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the academic community. This initiative isn’t just about distributing whiteboards; it’s about shaping futures and leaving a legacy of collaboration and ingenuity. l Mark Jave L. Dejito