Cebu Technological University – Tabogon Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) would allow the University to have face-to-face classes for the next Academic Year.

This is possible once IATF will allow actual graduation ceremonies.

As of this moment, OJTs are not allowed to have their actual OJT.

In the case of  Cebu Technological University (CTU) Tabogon, there are few students who could not purchase such gadgets. Therefore, the remedy provided by the administration or the teacher is by giving them activities in a modular approach.

The teachers will find ways in order for these students to catch up on their classes.

Students and teachers both find ways to catch up in their classes. For example, teachers may give activities in a modular approach and students may go to higher/elevated areas to have better signal.

ALS graduates are still accepted but further instructions will be announced for students who graduated from the old curriculum

In CTU Tabogon, some teachers would go to the students' houses to have actual demonstrations and performances on laboratory subjects. Some teachers wrote letter requests to the Extension Campus Director to allow them to have actual performance in school for a limited number of students.

There is no assistance from the University for load expenses.

Below are the admission requirements of the incoming students:


First-year college students


  1. High School Report Card (Form 138) / Certificate of Rating for Alternative Learning System (ALS) or its equivalent;
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character;
  3. Two (2) copies of 2x2, recent ID pictures with white background and name tag;
  4. Long, brown envelope / folder (15” x 10”).


Transfer students


  1. Certificate of Transfer Credentials / TOR;
  2. Certification of Good Moral Character;
  3. Two (2) copies of 2x2, recent ID pictures with white background and name tag.


Note: Transfer students from the other CTU campuses shall not take the admission test, provided that the endorsement letter from the campus director is presented.


You may refer to Admissions.