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Breadfruit Noodle-Making


General cleaning of the USF Laboratory

The USF Director assumes office in February 2021 and immediately conducts a general cleaning in the Laboratory.

Submitted Breadfruit noodles proposal for 2021 entitled “Optimization of Breadfruit (Artocarpusaltilis) in the Noodles Formulation with Coconut Water Treated Seasonings.”

So that the center will be funded the USF Director with her USF Assistant submitted a proposal on Breadfruit noodle for the year 2021.

Submitted Capsule proposal for 2022 entitled “Optimization of Pumpkin Infused Breadfruit Noodles Enhanced Coconut Water Treated Fish and Vegetable Seasoning: Technology Protection and Adoption.”

This proposal is for the year 2022 budget.

Submitted Work Plan for 2021 and 2022.

As part of the research proposal the USF director together with the USF assistant submitted a work plan for the years 2021 and 2022.

Ocular Visit and Inspection of Engr. Maria Elena A. Aparente (Main Campus) and Engr. Christine Omela V. Ocampo (Danao Campus) to the University Shared Facility Center

The University USF Director and Research Director of CTU Danao visited the USF laboratory to look into the status of the Center.

Inspection and Maintenance and demonstration of the Equipment by the Maintenance group of CTU Daanbantayan Campus headed by Engr. Pablo C. Lahoylahoy (Chairman, Maintenance Group)

The USF Director requests the Maintenance Group of CTU Daanbantayan to check the machine's condition and status.

Formulated Rice Noodles (Trials 1-3)

Formulated and conduct trials in rice noodles

Sensory Evaluation of Rice Noodles

After formulation and trials there was a sensory evaluation of the product.

Sensory Data Analyses

After the sensory evaluation data analysis was conducted

Utility Model Drafting on Rice Noodles

Drafted a UM on rice noodles and presented on March 24-26, 2021 during the Research Patent Drafting Seminar-Workshop in Hagnaya Beach Resort.


Production of Breadfruit Noodle

When:August 13, 2021 all-day At present, center cannot formulate breadfruit noodles since it is not yet the season for Breadfruit. This will be conducted around August 2021 when breadfruit will...