Mechatronics dept. peeks through SMART future

The Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines (MRSP) midyear Conference is up for Industry 4.0. This has conjured everyone into asking what the future could be when everything gets SMART—-SMART Building, SMART City, SMART parking, SMART streetlight, SMART bus Read more

‘Look ahead’ agenda with Asia’s major players: Premier university joins dialogue

Curbing Asia’s plaguing issues was the major  concern of the “Dialogue on the Future of Asia” joined by Cebu Technological University and the rest of the panel members. Junior Chamber International (JCI) Japan, in partnership with JCI Philippines, contributed much Read more

Academics mark 3rd quarter with international talk

Cebu Technological University researchers Renissa S. Quinones and Corazon P. Macachor presented the study, “Sensory Qualities of Coconut Water-Based Marinated Fish and Calcium-Enriched Gluten-free Composite Flour Blends”, at the 13th International Conference in Japan. It was more than sharing of Read more

Monitoring team says interns meet Japanese standards

    The Placement Team [Cebu Technological University, PhilNippon Technical College  (PNTC)  and Friend Nippon] found CTU graduates   technically competent, highly trainable, and reflective of high quality work ethics during the monitoring in Japan on October 25 through 28, Read more