Cebu’s organic farming finds niche in CTU CCMC

  Organic farming in Cebu has newest depot in CTU Cebu City Mountain Campus (CTU CCMC) with its ongoing 6-week “Technology Enhancement Training Program toward a Productive Harvest Project” through the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA). TIEZA’s Php 300,000 Read more

New VP for research punts with 15-million biosecurity project

Newly appointed CTU Vice President for Research and Development Adrian Ybañez jump-starts designation with a punt, prompting an immediate response to commence the CHED-approved,15-million project—-“Productivity and Biosecurity of Small-Scale Poultry Layer and Backyard Native Chickens in Central Visayas, Philippines.” Winning Read more

Professor reduces fat content in sardines—a healthier option for Pinoys

CTU Professor Corazon Macachor’s   research—Coconut Water-Treated Bottled Sardines in Tomato Sauce—gained support from DTI, media outlets and fish companies following her discovery of the matured coconut water which reduces fat content in sardines by 3%. Commonly, sardines sold in the Read more