CTU-TBID’s Innovation Towards Industry 4.0

In this competitive world striving for economic supremacy, ingenuity and practical innovations serve as key concepts towards development. Such is displayed as Cebu Technological University’s Technology Business Incubation and Development (CTU-TBID) showcased the patented products made from the satellite and extension campuses with the theme

“Accelerating Innovations with Industry” held last November 6, 2019 at the Mixed Use E-Learning Building, in lieu of celebrating the university’s 10th anniversary.

University President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. stated in his inspirational message that as the university aims to promote “technopreneurship” and commitment to engage in local communities, it has to establish healthy relations between the academe and future business partners for it to steer successfully in the world’s “Industry 4.0”.

CTU-TBID launched the programs not just to attract investors for the patented products, but also to introduce the innovative ideas to the modern world and receive feedback as well.

CTU Moalboal Campus commenced the event proper by introducing their food products such as flour and pastries made from breadnut (Kamansi in Cebuano dialect). Their products were created as a way to promote and enhance the livelihood of the denizens of Moalboal as these fruits grow abundantly in their area.

Dr. Ancheta delivered his inspirational message.

Highlighting their wide scope of services, CTU Carmen Campus promote their innovative utilization of shared service facility through product packaging and printing services using a unique variety of printer. They offered numerous services, from fabric printing up to latex-based wallpaper printing. The campus’ aims were to deliver quality service and sustainable job for the locality of Carmen.

Food tourism and food processing were the theme of CTU-Main Campus, the third presenters. The delicious pastries and other processed food signified their goal to provide nutritional food and to further strengthen the growing food tourism that Cebu is also known for.

Hablon sa Cebu was introduced by CTU Argao Campus as the municipality’s specialty. They introduced fabric products such as bags, pouches, shawls, and ponchos made from high-quality hand-woven fabric, including sinamay. The campus envisions attaining the cultural development of Argao and its products through the joint efforts of the local government and community, materializing through their hand-woven fabric products.

-Mark Jenielle Bandas and Juna Mae Bonghanoy/Nation Builder