CTU Tuburan tops University-Wide PASUC Culture and Arts Festival 2018

With talent and passion as its flame, Cebu Technological University (CTU) Tuburan blazingly joined the celebration of University-Wide PASUC (Philippine Association of State Universities and College) Culture and Arts Festival held in CTU Main on the 5th and 6th day of November 2018. The institution earned pride and recognition as it garnered seven (7) gold, four (4) silver, and four (4) bronze medals. 

 “Wow, murag alkansi jud sa funds ang Campus Director anis CTU Tuburan kay sila man jud angnanghakotkaron, mgadi jud palupig.”, Mrs. Nemia Zamora, the tournament manager, once commented during her announcement. The participating tertiary students being held as victors were blissfully surprised upon hearing such sweetness of fulfillment.

An expression of great fruition and notability can also be observed especially from the coaches of the triumphant theater arts contestants who earned three (3) gold medals for the team. Mr. Siegfried Mendoza, coach for both Show Choir and Short and Sweet Play Musical, was overflowing with sheer delight and gratitude as he witnessed tears of happiness and jumps of victory among the participants.

Additionally expressing the same magnitude of pleasure, Ms. Mayeth Elloran, coach for Short and Sweet Play Dialogue said that the journey was made possible because of the powerful determination possessed equally by the performers and that the experience will surely set them to another huge preparation for the upcoming quest.

The two-day competition with the theme “Positioning Higher Education for Strategic Global Transformation through Culture and the Arts” paved the way to various competitions which allowed participants to fully integrate individual forte and artistry to event classification such as dance, music, visual, literary and theater arts.

Gold grabbers will compete at Regionals PASUC 2018 which Siquijor State College will host on November 13 to 15 and they will bring the esteemed institution of Cebu Technological University (CTU) together with the other neighboring defeaters.

The team collectively affirmed the mantra of never to sacrifice convenience all for the glory of excellence which aided them to vividly set higher goals and adamantly realize tougher plans. With served defeats amidst the triumphs, they also humbly accepted it as a privilege to openly learn and pour more of their unrestrained efforts to secure their grounds in the next possibilities of challenges to come. 

More from that, CTU firmly upheld that the opportunity of sharing priceless memories and indelible experiences with each other were the things that truly mattered more than just the number of medals and trophies they were given praise and distinction of. At the end of the day, as what most of them believed “true winners treasure the lives they have touched instead of the accolades they have received”./Shammah A. Momo