The Toast of Success: The Team and The Future

According to Dr. Pedrito C. Pontillas,the linkages of the campus to the LAMAC Multipurpose Cooperative (LMC), DTI and DOST is paving the pathway of the Food Innovation Center (FIC) as an establishment towards the development and commercialization of their products. 

Relatively, the FIC had successfully generated an additional income for the campus through the Hometel’s services, school cafeteria, farm produce, particularly the production of squash crackers and squash binangkal. The Production Office also participated in the Robinson’s Galleria Exhibit 2016 for the promotion of the products. Moreover, Chairwoman Mrs. Alona M. Ordoña of the Business Affairs and Resource Generation (BARG) led a technology transfer to the community through extension services, for instance, towards the adopted Barangay Otso Farmers Association (BOFA). The beneficiaries of the training or livelihood program in these extension services are usually housewives identified by their barangay chairman.

On the other hand, another innovation lab in the campus also races its way towards development and profitability. The Fabrication Laboratory of FabLab of CTU-Tuburan in the midst of the pandemic answered a call for hands in the prevention of the virus contamination through the making of personal protective equipment like face shields distributed to health centers for free and foot-operated sanitizers distributed around the campus as to assist the continuation of class through distance learning.

As of this March 2021, the College of Agriculture plans to produce more vegetables and livestock. The College of Arts and Science, Education, Engineering and Technology plans to produce instructional materials subject for copyright and the Department of Hospitality and Management plans to craft a brochure for the Hometel subject also for copyright. The Office visualizes more food innovation subjects for utility model application.

Apart from the savory dishes, snacks, dips, and refreshing drinks, this is not merely food served on the table. This is not merely experimental or strictly conventional. This is not merely for profitability. This is an aid of an entire household and perhaps in the future, a foundation of a sustainable society.