Fablabs CTU Tuburan and Bohol Team Up to Kickstart Danao and Argao Counterparts

Teams of two, each from Fablab Cebu Technological University (CTU) Tuburan and Fablab Bohol join together during the launching of CTU’s two new Fablabs in Danao and Argao Campuses for a series of basic Fablab trainings on September 17th and 18th, and then on the 20th and 21st, respectively.  Dubbed Fablab 101, the group’s way of introducing the facility to potential users and the community.  Students from different high schools and colleges, teachers and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise owners were the primary participants of Fablab 101.

For both training legs, Fablab 101 featured Siegfried D. Mendoza, Fablab CTU Tuburan’s Operations Manager and Efreim Christian A. Genson, its Design Head, trained in 2D Vector Graphic Designing and Laser Cutting/Engraving.  Their counterparts from Fablab Bohol were Jerome Manatad, Fablab Manager and Rommel Tugap, CNC and Embroidery Specialist, who did the Print/Cut training and 3D modeling/printing, respectively.

For his initial talk, Jerome Manatad shared how Fablab Bohol came to be and the projects they have done and are currently doing.  He also shared the activities in the Fablab network – locally, regionally (Asian), and globally.  

For Siegfried Mendoza, stressing the “bridging and leveling the playing field” function of the Fablab in the field of product development and design, andrapid prototyping and skills transfer was the main topic of his speech.  He talked about how both faculty and students upgraded their new skill sets drastically and how many CTU Tuburan students were accepted in their respective OJT programs because of the skills they acquired in the Fablab.  The Fablab also helps micro, small and medium-sized entities (MSMEs) improve their sales because of improved packaging and branding through Fablab CTU Tuburan’s business consultation services.

Fablab 101 started with the introduction of the Fablab as a facility, and then the network, then on to the machines.  The first day consisted of the digital software training (2D and 3D), and the actual ‘fabrication’ via the various Fablab equipment followed on the second day, wherein the participants were asked to ‘fabricate’ their ideas and designs into physical outputs.

Fablab CTU Danao and Fablab Argao are the third and fourth of their kind in Cebu and are a part of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Cebu Provincial Office’s University Shared Facilities program and its vision of Cebu as an Innovation Island.  Under the USF program, students, faculty, and actual and potential MSMEs and entrepreneurs can use the machines found in the Fablab for rapid prototyping.  

Fablab CTU Danao is being managed by Engr. Christine Omela Ocampo and Fablab CTU Danao by Dr. Lemuel Velasco./Siegfried D. Mendoza