Mr.Jerwin Zanoria grabs the 9th Place in the Licensure Examination for Agriculturists

Tests abound in life. Every day, in fact, we encounter a myriad of challenges in different magnitudes. Some of these difficulties besetting us can affect our future immensely. For instance, pursuing our ambition to become a licensed professional is one of them. It necessitates preparation to pass. 

Sir Jerwinn Zanoria is a College of Agriculture faculty member at Cebu Technological University (CTU) Tuburan. He finished his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at CTU Barili. Since he stopped schooling, he had to graduate later than what was expected. When he returned to school, he started to be committed to research with Dr. Pet Roey L. Pascual. He was the one challenging him to topnotch the board exam when Mr. Leonardo from CTU Argao got the 8th place in 2014 and his student, Mr. Julian Cumad at CTU Tuburan luckily seized the second place in 2016. In the three agricultural colleges in the CTU system, only CTU Barili didn’t have the topnotcher. Hence, a huge trial had to be surmounted. It was an enormous opportunity for Sir Jerwin to be tapped by his professor to excel in that aforementioned examination yet it entailed hard work and unflinching perseverance. Nevertheless, his zest in pursuing his ambition propelled him to reach the zenith of success.

Mr. Zanoria, just like all the test takers, confronted pressures. He had many sleepless nights. He had to read many exam reviewers and sacrifice much time for review. It was an arduous hurdle to juggle for him. The first day of the examination didn’t go well since he skipped answering some items in the two subjects. Albeit an element of despondence enveloped him then, he adhered to his professor’s faith in him. Indeed, the second day sparked off hope and joy when his confidence was bolstered in answering the four subjects. His optimism to pass the remaining subjects beckons a great fortune.

According to Sir Zanoria, taking a licensure examination demands preparations. Thus, allocating time is indispensable. Hope dissipates to those who just rely on luck. If you ought to grasp something in life, you must put your whole heart to it. One’s unwavering faith in God fortifies the fulfillment too. All our pursuits in life must be offered to Him since it’s He who anchors us toward our esteemed destination in life./ Mayeth Elloran