BT Radio expands station-produced programs for 2022

CTU Tuburan’s FM station, 98.1 DYPS BT Radio, continues to dominate northern Cebu airwaves by expanding its station-produced programs, maintaining its mandate to provide information, public service, and entertainment to its listeners. 

Prof. Seigfred Mendoza, the first university director, designate from Tuburan Campus, showcased the creation of the Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTTO) with CTU BEATT (CTU and BT Radio Extension and Technology Transfer) that airs every Tuesday at five o’çlock in the afternoon. The program highlights the different extension projects of CTU and follows their implementation and transfer to the community. 

Along with the inspirational program, FYI (For Your Inspiration) on Thursday afternoons and Radio Tech Talk on Saturdays, completed the daily thirty-minute program, Airwaves Bulletin, a program that gives updates to the activities in and around the campus as well as the whole CTU System. FYI relates trending inspirational stories and welcomes contributions from the listeners in cooperation with the campus guidance office. At the same time, Radio Tech Talk gives updates on technologies and innovations, especially those initiated by the University.

The University got its new 3.5kW transmitter last November 2021 to add to the recently completed 210-foot tower. 

Engr. Fernando Mangubat Jr., BT Radio station manager, continues to encourage CTU Tuburan faculty members and students to participate in the existing and upcoming radio programs while also opening its doors to proposed programs aligned to and promoting the University’s mission and vision.

Words by (nbajao – Tuburan)