CTU-Tuburan College of Engineering holds 2nd Mathematician of the Year Contest

Image by Erica Mae Bardoquillo

After the 2-year hiatus because of the pandemic, the CTU-Tuburan College of Engineering successfully conducted its 2nd Mathematician of the Year (MOTY) Contest on June 27-28, 2022, at the Bulawanong Tinubdan Social Hall at CTU-Tuburan. 

After three rounds of varying difficulty in the quiz bowl, Civil Engineering-3 student Jaybie Olasiman has been proclaimed 2022 Mathematician of the Year. Civil Engineer-3 student Archie Regner and Electrical Engineering-2 student Leah Entica completed the top 2 and 3, respectively.

The MOTY 2022 consisted of the elimination round and the final round. All allied engineering students from 1st to 3rd-year levels were required to take the 100-item 2-hour examination virtually.  

Over 440 students took the exam, and the top 22 scorers qualified for the onsite final round—CTU-Tuburan College of Engineering Dean Engr. Alden Q. Gabuya, Jr. spearheaded the event. 

Words by Siegfried D. Mendoza