CTU-Tuburan participates in ICPA and CCM strat plan

CTU-Tuburan Campus director Dr. Ma. Carla Y. Abaquita and information, Communications and Public Affairs Office (ICPA) Chairperson Catherine P. Loseñara participated in the two-day strategic meeting jointly organized by the Center for Communication and Media (CCM) and the ICPA Office on September 7 – 8, 2022, at CTU – Main Campus, Cebu City.

One of the highlights of the activity is the presentation of the operations manual of the respective offices.

Dr. Abaquita expresses her support for the endeavours of both offices and recognizes their contribution to maintaining the standards, social media impact and ranking of the university.

Additional training is to be provided to further capacitate the ICPA chairpersons and CCM directors. This is to ensure effective performance of the roles and responsibilities the university entrusted them.

Words by Catherine P. Loseñara