Cebu Technological University – Tuburan

Campus Director



“There are many choices in the world, but choose carefully,” she said. This line has a great significance to her as what she is now is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. She chose to be a teacher and in fact, she’s been married to her chosen profession for almost 30 years. Her first teaching stint was at Saint Anthony Academy and was later assigned at Tuburan National High School. She soon transferred to Cebu Technological University (CTU) Tuburan (CSCST-PC) in 2005 as one of the College of Education faculty members.

Ma. Carla Yap-Abaquita or Madam Carla among students, friends, and co-workers, graduated in 1988 from the University of San Jose Recoletos and passed the Chemical Engineering Licensure Examination in the same year. However, her love for teaching emerged, so she took up a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education. She earned 32 units and successfully passed the Teacher’s Examination.

She holds a degree in MAEd in Administration and Supervision and earned 27 units in MAEd in General Science. Her expertise was honed much better when she enrolled in the Graduate School at CTU Tuburan and was conferred a Doctor in Development Education degree.

At present, she is an Associate Professor IV and Acting Campus Director of CTU Tuburan and Tabuelan. Her academic qualifications, experience, and outstanding teaching performances had definitely been her passport to acquire this leadership position.

According to Madam Carla, being in the institution has allowed her to grow profoundly in her discipline. Remarkably, she brought many skills to CTU Tuburan. These skills and her willingness to put them at the service of the school allowed her to develop professionally and personally. This enabled her to make a difference and she was subsequently awarded as one of the most outstanding teachers in CTU Tuburan. In 2012, she became the Dean of the College of Engineering and later became the Dean of Instruction. Madam Carla’s expertise as an engineer, teacher and administrator has definitely prepared her academically and emotionally for this challenging and fulfilling episode in her career. Her teaching and leading prowess improved to the fullest.

She has published researches namely: “Implementation of Content Education at CTU Tuburan: Some Proposals”; Tropical Technology Journal, ISSN 1656-0264, Volume 13 No. 1-2, January – June 2010, Integrated Scientific Journal of CTU and ‘’The Garbage Disposal Practices of the Municipalities in the Third Congressional District, Province of Cebu”; Tropical Technology Journal, ISSN 1656-0264, Volume 12 No 1-2, January-June 2009, Integrated Scientific Journal of CTU.