Cebu Technological University – Tuburan

Student Organizations



Supreme Student Council (SSC)

Supreme Student Council (SSC) is the highest governing organization on the campus. All students enrolled in the campus are considered members of the organization. The officers are the students elected from the different departments or programs.


The SSC is an official government by the students, and for the students inside an educational institution or the school premises. It consists of student leaders chosen by their fellow students to represent them as a whole, protects them when such need arises and reprimands them if they commit actions that require sanctioning. It stands independently but with full support and coordination with the campus and the university to hold student affairs. This stands like the media as another state that maintains the balance between the teachers and the students. The bridge fills in the gap between two standing islands. The equilibrium and the voice of the students. The grievance desk and the representation of the power that each student holds.


Future Science & Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP)

Future Science & Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP) is the second-highest governing organization in the campus. All students enrolled in laboratory and shop technology subjects are members of the said organization. The officers are elected from the different courses with laboratory and shop subjects.


Section 1. The FSTLP shall be one of the highest independent governing bodies of the CTU Tuburan. All authorities entrusted to the Future Science & Technology Leaders of the Philippines emanate from the Shop Student Body, provided the same are not contrary to the University policies.

Section 2. The objectives of FSTLP shall be;

2.1. To uphold the welfare of the members through involvement in scientific, technological and vocational activities, thus developing the initiative to create, innovate and, invent.

2.2. To develop character, personal discipline, love of country, scientific acumen and environmental stewardships.

2.3. To enhance the members parliamentary skills and involve them in technical, conceptual and designing training; initiate team building activities to develop the culture of unity.

2.4. To develop self-reliance by engaging in supervised experience education program, teaching wise use of credit; grant awards and distinctions for deserving members. and supporting them for engagement in scientific pursuits.

2.5. To link and coordinate with other organizations and agencies for linkages and adapt best practices in accomplishing the objectives mentioned above.