Vice President for Administration and Finance




Dr. Ledesma R. Layon is an accomplished professional, supervisor, and administrator at the CTU with the academic rank of Professor VI/University Professor-Equivalent for 10 years; rising from the ranks, as Officer In-Charge-Office of the University President, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Resident Ombudsman, Dean of Instruction, Director of Graduate School/Professional Subjects, Deputy Quality Management Representative, Chairperson in Numerous Capacities.

Her educational qualification and sharpness of the mind could be discerned in her being a Doctor in Educational Management, 1991; Master of Arts in Education, 1983; Bachelor of Arts-English and General Sciences, Magna Cum Laude, 1978;  Bachelor in Secondary Education-Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, 1976; Secondary Education, Salutatorian and Gerry Roxas Leadership Award, 1972; and Elementary Education, Salutatorian, 1968.

For her awards of distinction, these would  include the Outstanding  Agujoanon,  2010; Most  Outstanding  Faculty  President,  CTU,  2000-2009; Most Outstanding  Alumnus, Secondary, 2008; Dangal  Ng  Bayan  Award,  Civil  Service Commission, Region VII, 2007; Most Outstanding  Alumnus, Tertiary, 2000; Winning Coach, Third Place,  High  School  Oratorical  Contest, 2000; Best Director, Stage Play Production, Municipality of  Daanbantayan, 1991; Outstanding  Teacher  In  Mathematics,  Ministry  of  Education and Culture, Region VII, School Year 1982-1983.

She engaged in publication, in diverse capacities, as editor, managing editor, associate editor, author, in spheres, as technical and creative, in numerous articles and other forms of literary works, as sampled by the Manual  of  Operations–Income Generating Projects of the CTU, as Editor and those in the The Fishers, CTU Fisheries/Diversified Campuses, as Managing Editor; Binhi, CTU Agricultural/Diversified Campuses, as Associate Editor; Trends and Innovations, CTU Trades/Industrial Campuses, as Managing Editor; Kini’, All CTU Campuses in Creative Writing, as Managing Editor; HADLA, CTU Daanbantayan Campus;, as Associate Editor.

On dissertations and theses advising and editing, she could be credited with more or less 70 works.

Recently, the Civil Service Commission lauded her for providing insights to participants on “shaping change” at the 2017 Public Sector HR Symposium on July 4 to 6 at the Philippine Convention Center.